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Here are 6 advantages of working with Woody Park!

Why Woody Park?

1. Personal Service

  • Individual support: From the first contact to departure, we always react to the individual wishes of your guests.
  • Personal check-in: Unlike many of our competitors, we offer personal check-in and are always there for your guests during their entire stay.

2. Humanity

  • Unique hospitality: Our love for our guests and for vacations makes us unique. We put people first. After health, vacation is the greatest good – experience the #woodyspirit!
  • Close owner contact: We are happy to take time for your concerns personally on a regular basis. We are also always happy when we toast a good cooperation together.

3. Owner Privileges

  • Same service as for guests: As an owner, you enjoy the same privileges as our guests when you are on vacation yourself.
  • Experience community: Our community of owners is strong and well connected. As a new owner, you can get in touch with others and exchange ideas.

4. Regional Connection

  • Local operating company: We started with vacation on the farm back in the 1970s and have since grown into a large company with many dedicated employees and unique owners. As we have regional roots, we love our Murau-Kreischberg region and are actively involved in its development. We grew up here and can pass on our regional culture to you as the owner as well as to your guests.

5. All-Round-Carefree Package

  • On-site support: Our team is always on site and takes care of all your accommodation needs.
  • Flexible and quick adjustments: We respond immediately to changes and requests from your guests.

6. Professional Marketing

  • Optimal online presence: We ensure that your accommodation is present, constantly maintained and clearly visible on the most important booking platforms.
  • Targeted advertising measures: We present your property in the best light with professional photos and appealing descriptions.

What Our Owners Say

"To be continued"
In Progress
(Owner Woody...)

Our promise to you

Transparency and trust
“With us, you always know what’s happening with your accommodation. We keep you regularly informed and are available to answer your questions and concerns!”

Success and satisfaction
“Our goal is to rent out your accommodation in the best possible way and make your guests happy. Because only satisfied guests will come back and recommend!”

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